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Mindgrove Technologies is a semiconductor design company that specializes in designing innovative microprocessors. We design innovative System on Chips (SoCs) in India, for the world. Cost effective and rich in features, we supply scalable and dependable next-generation technology. Our chips are based on F.A.C.T.S - Flexible, Adaptable, Cost Effective, Trustworthy, Support.


imagine it’s your niece’s birthday. Would she use a sword to cut her cake? And if she smeared some cake on your shirt, would you run the washing machine to clean your shirt?Sounds ridiculous, right? A lot of the electronics around us are over-designed with excessive features for a simple set of requirements.That’s the problem we want to solve. We design right-sized SoCs and SoMs for devices around us - creating a more efficient world around us, without any cake-cutting swords.


Get a front seat to witness the growth of the semiconductor industry in India

The Indian Semiconductor Industry is poised to grow from $24 billion in 2023 to $110 billion by 2030. Indian companies, like us, are largely going to drive this growth, by innovating products today to suit the needs of tomorrow. Come take a seat with us, as we help fabricate India’s position in the semiconductor race.

Join us and be a part of the RISC-V revolution

The advent of RISC-V, an open standard ISA, has levelled the playing field for every company, allowing us to compete with the industry's bigwigs. With open-source and open standards becoming key to developing future-ready technology, Mindgrove Technologies is leveraging the power of RISC-V to build the most feature-rich, cost-efficient and trustworthy SoCs.

Work with an authentic team, building great products

Designing a chip is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes strength, endurance and discipline. At our core, we are engineers, solving problems and fixing bugs, with a razor-sharp focus on a singular goal: build the most perfect chip that matches our needs with the resources that we have at hand. This makes agile, flexible and open: exploring limitlessly until we find what we need.


Interested in joining our team but cannot find an open position? Write to us at with your resume and a cover letter.