MG Secure IoT and smart utility meters

Adoption of smart utility meters (electricity, water and gas) and sub-meters are exploding in India because of government mandate and increased end-demand for transparent metering data. Utility companies are eager to benefit from efficiency gains.


MCU level security for tamper proof devices

Optimized for power efficiency

Better margins on final product

Build with Indian components


Utility meters are soft targets for hackers who can bring down a whole city if they can break into the device. That's why you should pick the MG Secure IoT to build a safe and secure device.

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You could buy only our SoC or an entire custom board


Support to get the chip working on an existing board

Perfect for companies with embedded systems engineers with high experience levels

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High quality support to get the entire board working

Perfect for companies with embedded system engineers with entry level experience

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Co-develop a new board for your application

Perfect for companies with new / outsourced engineering teams

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We have expertise in all skills involved in the process

SoC level

Hardware capabilities

SoC architecture, design, development

SoC fabrication, design, testing *

SoC emulation (Xilinx FPGA)

Software capabilities

Bare metal driver development

RTOS porting

SoM level

Hardware capabilities

SoM component selection

SoM design

SoM manufacturing *

Software capabilities

Software development

OS porting

SDK development

IDE integration

Datasheet preparation

PCB level

Hardware capabilities

PCB Design

BOM optimization

PCB prototyping *

PCB Manufacturing *

SoM regression testing, validation

Software capabilities

Application Development


SoM manual preparation

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